Expensive Customers:

We’ve lately upgraded our sub-accounts gadget. Updates to our sub-account comparable options are described underneath:

1. The utmost collection of sub-accounts to be had is decided according to the tier stage of the grasp account, as described underneath:

Grasp Account Tier (Rate Tier) Most Selection of Sub-Accounts
LV 0 5
LV 1 5
LV 2 5
LV 3 5
LV 4 10
LV 5 15
LV 6 20
LV 7 25
LV 8 30
LV 9 35
LV 10 40
LV 11 45
LV 12 50

2. A sort should even be set for every sub-account. There are 3 sub-account sorts:

All (can be utilized for all transaction classes)

Futures (can be utilized for all transaction classes except for margin buying and selling)

Margin (can be utilized for all transaction classes except for futures buying and selling)

As an example: sub-accounts whose sort atmosphere are set to “Futures” can’t be used for margin buying and selling; while, sub-accounts whose sort atmosphere are set to “Margin” can’t be used for futures buying and selling. Sub-accounts whose sort atmosphere are set to “All” don’t have any class restrictions and can be utilized for all transaction classes.

Word: all sub-account sorts can be utilized for spot buying and selling.

3. In line with the upgrades to our sub-account gadget, corresponding adjustments to our open API are as follows:

● 1.GET /api/v2/sub-accounts replaces GET /api/v1/sub-accounts for querying, if sub-account amount is bigger than 100

● 2.GET /api/v2/sub/person replaces GET /api/v1/sub/person for querying, if sub-account amount is bigger than 100

● 3.POST /api/v1/sub/person helps passing price to new box ‘get admission to’, for including get admission to limitation


Param Kind Obligatory Description
password String Sure Password(7-24 characters, should comprise letters and numbers, can’t most effective comprise numbers or come with particular characters)
remarks String No Remarks(1~24 characters)
get admission to String No Permission (This may most effective be set to “All”, “Futures”, or “Margin”. “All”: unrestricted; “Futures”: can’t use margin options; “Margin”: can’t use futures options.)
subName String Sure Sub-account identify(should comprise 7-32 characters, no less than one quantity and one letter. Can not comprise any areas.)


Box Description
remarks Remarks
subName Sub-account identify
uid Sub-account UID
get admission to Permission

Instance go back values:


“code”: “200000”,

“knowledge”: {

“uid”: 9969082973,

“subName”: “AAAAAAAAAA0007”,

“get admission to”: “All”



● GET /api/v1/user-info, The go back price will likely be returned to the sub-account activation standing through industry line


Box Description
stage stage
subQty Selection of sub-accounts
>>generalSubQty Normal sub-account opened amount
>>marginSubQty Margin sub-account opened amount
>>futuresSubQty Futures sub-account opened amount
maxSubQty Max collection of sub-accounts
>>maxDefaultSubQty Max collection of default open sub-accounts
>>maxGeneralSubQty Max collection of Normal sub-accounts
>>maxMarginSubQty Max collection of Margin sub-account
>>maxFuturesSubQty Max collection of Futures sub-account

Instance go back values:

“code”: “200000”,
“knowledge”: {
“stage”: 0,
“subQuantity”: 11,
“subQuantityByType”: {
“generalSubQuantity”: 9,
“marginSubQuantity”: 1,
“futuresSubQuantity”: 1
“maxSubQuantity”: 35,
“maxSubQuantityByType”: {
“maxDefaultSubQuantity”: 5,
“maxGeneralSubQuantity”: 10,
“maxMarginSubQuantity”: 10,
“maxFuturesSubQuantity”: 10

4. In case you have reached the utmost collection of allowed sub-accounts however have an affordable explanation why for desiring extra, touch us at: [email protected]

We can fairly modify your most sub-account prohibit in keeping with your wishes.

Word: sub-account limits for present customers may not be affected.

Thank you in your toughen!

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