This alert is expounded to a consensus factor that passed off at the Frontier community at block 116,522, mined on 2015-08-20 at 14:59:16+02:00 – Factor has been mounted, see “Repair” underneath.

Have an effect on: Top

Factor description: State database consensus factor in geth with deletion of account information, which might occur right through SUICIDE directions.

Affected implementations: All geth implementations as much as and together with variations 1.0.1, 1.1.0 and broaden (“risky 1.1.0”) had been affected. Eth (C++) and pyethereum (Python) are unaffected.

Results on anticipated chain reorganisation intensity: Build up ready time for eventual block affirmation to twelve hours

Proposed brief workaround: Miners transfer to eth or pyethereum asap

Remedial motion taken via Ethereum: Provision of fixes as underneath.

Repair: Notice that the consensus  factor occured simply ahead of the announcement of the brand new unencumber 1.1.0. When upgrading, please make sure to improve to the model you supposed as it’s possible you’ll no longer wish to repair and improve from 1.0.1 to at least one.1.0 (which has no longer but been formally launched) on the similar time. Fixes underneath are for model 1.0.2 – builds are generated for v 1.0.2. 

  • Liberate 1.0.2 together with supply and binaries can also be discovered right here
  • If you’re construction from supply: git pull adopted via make geth – please use the grasp department devote a0303ff4bdc17fba10baea4ce9ff250e5923efa2
  • If the usage of the PPA: sudo apt-get replace then sudo apt-get improve
  • We’re nonetheless running at the brew repair

The proper model for this replace on Ubuntu AND OSX is Geth/v1.0.2-a0303f

Notice that it’s most probably that you just obtain the next message alert which can get to the bottom of itself after some time as soon as your friends have up to date their shoppers:

I0820 19:00:53.368852    4539 chain_manager.move:776] Dangerous block #116522 (05bef30ef572270f654746da22639a7a0c97dd97a7050b9e252391996aaeb689)

I0820 19:00:53.368891    4539 chain_manager.move:777] Discovered identified unhealthy hash in chain 05bef30ef572270f654746da22639a7a0c97dd97a7050b9e


  • 20/08/15 17:47+02:00 Factor has been known and connect for geth is underway. Geth(Cross)-Miners will have to improve asap as soon as the fixes transform to be had and in the meantime transfer to Eth (C++) or Python. Eth (C++) and Python miners are unaffected.
  • 20/08/15 19:38+02:00 Reputable unencumber of fixes, see above.
  • 20/08/15 21:19+02:00 Notice that the consenus  factor occured simply ahead of the announcement of the brand new unencumber 1.0.2. Subsequently, please ensure that you get the repair you wish to have, i.e. stay on 1.0.1 or improve to at least one.0.2. See “Repair” for extra main points.
  • 21/08/15 11:30+2:00 Because the prevalence of the consensus factor, we now have been intently tracking the chain and community. Consistent with community statistics, maximum miners have upgraded to the patched 1.0.2 or switched to eth. Our expectancies regarding most most probably chain-reorganization intensity is 750 blocks.


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