It hasn’t ever been more uncomplicated to create — and that is mirrored in 50 million creators seeking to become profitable from their paintings — however the majority are suffering as most effective 2% of creators are incomes source of revenue above minimal wages.

What all creators have are their very own superfans that create content material. Sure, that’s proper – The turn aspect of being a author is what makes a author within the first position: Their enthusiasts.

These days, fan content material already outnumbers authentic content material. There are 75 million enthusiasts growing by-product works and fan artwork, making a whopping 7.5 billion fan content material consisting of pictures, movies, are living streams, and feedback.

On the other hand, maximum generated content material is trapped in useless ends. This content material is ‘forgotten’, stays unmonetized, and isn’t used as a distribution motive force. That could be a huge neglected alternative. That is true for video, the place despite the fact that video accounts for over 85% of web visitors, video continues to be constrained to linear passive pronounces and distribution fashions that lock out many creators and their enthusiasts.

The Sagaverse challenge’s  founders spoke to content material creators and communities to spot the most productive answers to unravel those issues. What’s wanted now, is the power to unharness new types of video reports, whilst moderately compensating for fandom, group, and participation.

Allow us to display you the way Sagaverse empowers possession, attribution, and lifelong passive source of revenue.

Key Issues of Sagaverse

Sagaverse, an engine and protocol for web3 social media, makes it simple for creators and enthusiasts to come back in combination to co-create, co-monetize and co-distribute.

Sagaverse is growing a cross-platform app that acts as a user-facing front-end for a wealthy media participant and integrates a brand new strategy to co-creation powered by means of by-product content material monetization and quite a lot of social options.

Bringing creators and enthusiasts in combination, Sagaverse makes it imaginable for creators to turn on enthusiasts and their content material, bringing them infinite advantages.

For creators, there’s not anything extra tough than a fan and what enthusiasts crave maximum is significant interplay and connection. Simply believe the better community results which may be learned if creators and enthusiasts got the ability to shop for in.


Central to Sagaverse is its blockchain-powered manifest guarantees attribution and licensing knowledge is carried alongside and phrases are all the time venerated. The protocol is composed of 2 major elements:

  • Wealthy Media Manifest for composing, distributing, and recomposing tokenized belongings whilst protecting attribution, licensing knowledge, and no duplication of belongings
  • Media Engine merging introduction and intake of interactive visible belongings (2D, 3-D, Programmable, Audio)

Chances for Creators and Enthusiasts

Content material on Sagaverse is known as a Saga. Sagas are all about collaborative play and introduction.

On the center of Sagaverse is a wealthy media participant designed for next-generation visible media together with interactive and augmented video. We all know that that is the following content material layout other people will love and wish of their lives.

Combining this media participant and manifest brings co-creation and attribution in combination, encouraging new wealthy media reports via:

A 3-D artist can create a 3-D persona and make allowance 3-D animators to animate it, upload video filters, AR video games, customized emoji packs, and many others. Each time the nature is utilized by different artists or enthusiasts, the 3-D artist who created the preliminary persona receives rewards or royalties. But even so, creators can mint video NFTs and cause them to remixable by means of others, receiving royalties when fed on.

Creators and artists can unite and create commercials, after which when advertisers use the ones commercials, the co-creators obtain royalties for his or her paintings

But even so, creators can cooperate with their enthusiasts; thus, they are able to make co-own augmented video NFTs, which Sagaverse calls Wealthy Media.

A 2nd, a like, a remark, a remix, a collaboration – the whole lot counts and generates worth.

What Type Of Content material is Sagaverse Intended for?

Present trade fashions on Web2 platforms are mistaken for the brand new expectancies of creators, prosumers, and enthusiasts.

Artists who all in favour of interactivity didn’t have a spot in Web2, however now the arena is calling for his or her content material. Sagaverse builders created the platform for artists who create content material that calls for interactivity, reminiscent of video with fast-moving content material (like sports activities), 3-D artists, movement graphics artists, shader programmers, and builders that produce programmable content material. And an open wealthy media layout to explain the content material like feedback, likes, response movies, remixes, and similar different content material.


Proudly owning the Sagaverse token approach proudly owning the way forward for introduction. The token is utilized in all platform transactions and is subsidized by means of partial DAO possession of a rising content material library. Token call for comes from staking and platform transactions.

Monetizing is straightforward.  Mint, personal, and receives a commission all from the Sagaverse cellular app. Creators all the time stay 95% of the earnings they generate. Each time any individual engages with a Saga, house owners are rewarded via a Play to Earn type that incessantly will pay out over the lifespan of the content material. Sagaverse’s blockchain protocol guarantees attribution and licensing knowledge is carried alongside and phrases are all the time venerated.

Sagaverse lets in any individual to improve creators via content material staking. Somebody can make investments tokens earned or by means of buying further Saga tokens. The extra by-product works, engagement, and transactions a Saga has, the extra tokens are disbursed to its house owners and stakers. This incentivizes and rewards creators and enthusiasts to building up the Sagaverse community via co-ownership, co-monetization, and co-distribution.

The Sagaverse DAO keeps a 5% rate from all transactions for keeping up and rising the platform, and a few section is allotted amongst creators relying on how their content material is fed on.


The primary product release of Sagaverse dApp is scheduled for a This autumn 2022 unlock, focused on short-form video Creators, eSports gamers, 3-D artists, 3-D animators, builders, and enthusiasts of Sagaverse’s long term is an open protocol for tokenized wealthy media.

In past due 2023 Sagaverse will open its protocol, permitting publishers to construct introduction and intake reports and enabling publishers to construct and release collaborative web3 media dApps.

Wrapping up

Whilst Web2 isn’t sufficient for content material creators to make a dwelling, Web3 opens an intensive record of alternatives for each creators and enthusiasts, permitting each to cooperate, co-create and monetize.

The Sagaverse platform brings in combination short-form video Creators, eSports gamers, 3-D artists, 3-D animators, builders, and enthusiasts who create interactive movies and wish to monetize their paintings.

Blockchain era lets in distributing and recomposing of tokenized belongings whilst protecting attribution and licensing knowledge.

Mobilizing communities to create, remix and monetize interactive and AR video

  • Bringing your virtual belongings to new audiences
  • Enabling new earnings out of your virtual belongings
  • Growing with idols. Turn on your group of enthusiasts to create, remix and monetize

All this incentivizes and rewards creators and enthusiasts to building up the Sagaverse community via co-ownership, co-monetization, and co-distribution.

Their Challenge is daring: Empower 1 billion creators and enthusiasts to co-create,  generate source of revenue and thrive via introduction and play with interactive visible content material.



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