We want to congratulate the Ethereum neighborhood on a effectively finished laborious fork. Block 1920000 contained the execution of an abnormal state alternate which transferred ~12 million ETH from the “Darkish DAO” and “Whitehat DAO” contracts into the WithdrawDAO restoration contract. The fork itself happened easily, with kind of 85% of miners mining at the fork:


You’ll be able to see ongoing fork growth right here. EthStats presentations Cross, Java and Parity (Rust) nodes effectively synchronized to the fork chain.

The restoration contract is already returning DAO token holders’ ether; about 4.5 million ETH has been despatched to DAO token holders, and about 463000 ETH is within the regulate of the curator; a freelance to facilitate extrabalance bills is lately present process safety evaluate.

Customers who have an interest best in taking part within the fork chain will have to improve their purchasers to a fork-compatible model if they’ve now not already accomplished so; the upgraded Cross consumer (model 1.4.10) is to be had right here. If any customers proceed to be interested by following the non-fork chain, they will have to nonetheless replace, however run with the –oppose-dao-fork flag enabled, regardless that they will have to watch out for transaction replay assaults and take suitable steps to protect in opposition to them; customers with little interest in the non-fork chain don’t want to concern about transaction replay assault issues.

We thank our builders and the neighborhood for running in combination to make the transition as easy as it’s been, and look ahead to running in combination to proceed to make the Ethereum ecosystem and protocol a good fortune.


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