That is an opinion editorial by means of Mark Maraia, an entrepreneur, writer of “Rainmaking Made Easy” and a Bitcoiner.

I to find it tragic to notice the quantity of folks in the united statesA. who’re being pressured by means of the Federal Reserve’s financial coverage to take dangers with their hard earned capital. The ones folks lucky sufficient to already possess wealth are purchasing overpriced properties, overpriced shares, overhyped cryptocurrencies — and bitcoin. To cite Senator Lummis among others, “Thank God for bitcoin.”

The cave in surrounding the centralized alternate FTX is the newest instance of why I hate buying and selling and making an investment, particularly in the case of the sh*tcoin marketplace. No longer simplest do you undergo fantastic chance as you necessarily gamble at the “belongings” indexed, however the entity that holds your cash is playing with it too! All of the time, you’re trusting a 3rd birthday party which is simplest concerned with earning profits together with your cash — and now not supplying you with a good likelihood buying and selling, whilst they’re at it.


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