That is an opinion editorial by means of Dan, cohost of the Blue Collar Bitcoin Podcast.

Collection Contents

Phase 1: Fiat Plumbing


Busted Pipes

The Reserve Forex Complication

The Cantillon Conundrum

Phase 2: The Buying Energy Preserver

Phase 3: Financial Decomplexification

The Monetary Simplifier

The Debt Disincentivizer

A “Crypto” Warning


A Initial Notice To The Reader: This used to be at the beginning written as one essay that has since been divided into 3 portions. Each and every phase covers unique ideas, however the overarching thesis is determined by the 3 sections in totality. Phase 1 labored to spotlight why the present fiat device produces financial imbalance. Phase 2 and Phase 3 paintings to reveal how Bitcoin might function an answer.


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