Announcement In regards to the Adjustment of Value Increment of Partial Leveraged Tokens Buying and selling Pairs

Expensive KuCoin Customers,

With a view to building up marketplace liquidity and give a boost to buying and selling revel in, KuCoin goes to regulate the fee increment unit (API image: priceIncrement) of AAVE3L/USDT, AVAX3L/USDT, AXS3L/USDT, GMT3L/USDT, MANA3L/USDT and NEAR3L/USDT at 03:00:00 on November 11, 2022 (UTC), which will likely be extra cheap and really useful for matchmaking tradeoff.

Buying and selling pair Present value increment New value increment
AAVE3L/USDT 6 digits 0.000001 8 digits 0.00000001
AVAX3L/USDT 6 digits 0.000001 8 digits 0.00000001
AXS3L/USDT 6 digits 0.000001 8 digits 0.00000001
GMT3L/USDT 6 digits 0.000001 8 digits 0.00000001
MANA3L/USDT 6 digits 0.000001 8 digits 0.00000001
NEAR3L/USDT 6 digits 0.000001 8 digits 0.00000001

For instance, the minimal order value this is more than 0.8 sooner than the adjustment of the fee increment of AAVE3S/USDT is 0.800001 (helps 6 digits), and after adjustment is 0.80000001 (helps 8 digits)

Open Orders (together with WEB, APP and API) sooner than value increment adjustment of the above buying and selling pair might not be affected and proceed to be matched.

For API customers, please be famous that the changes of value increment would possibly lead to mistakes while you position orders. In case your buying and selling pair is integrated within the checklist under, please regulate parameters correctly to make sure the graceful transaction.

Thanks to your make stronger!

The KuCoin Workforce

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